Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzards, Snow and EU stories from Hoth

It's a snowy and icy day here in Massachusetts! Schools are closed and I am going to have to work from home today. Remember the days when you would wake up to find out that a snowstorm cancelled class for the day? Weren't those the best! Even better was getting together with friends to play in the snow, make a fort and have a snowball fight. But as a Star Wars fan you absolutely had to make sure you spent a little time imagining yourself on the planet Hoth. How many remember reinacting Luke's schlep through the Hoth blizzard crying out "Ben! Ben!"? Or maybe your were Han Solo and you had some old camera or walkman that you used as that oversized GPS system he monitored out on the snowfield to locate Luke? Or maybe the infamous scene in which Han and Chewie blast it out with the probebot? Although we were never really able to reenact the battle with Imperial AT-AT's :)

The Hoth scenes from The Empire Strikes Back are some of the best in the movies. And being an Expanded Universe fan, I also love to read and listen to stories outside of the movie which highlight this icy and snowy planet. So if you are stuck at home and not really into playing in the snow, grab yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and warm up to some of my favorite "snowy" stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe:

The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama (stories 1 through 4) - I remember listening to the radio dramas on National Public Radio back in the early 80's as a kid. I was so excited to have another way of enjoying Star Wars especially because the only real way to watch the movies at the time was in the theater. The ESB stories from Hoth are chock full of dialogue that is not in the movie. We get some insight into what Han, Luke and Leia are feeling and struggling with at this time...especially between Han and Leia. Some minor characters have some memorable lines. And the combination of spoken words, music and sound effects make this a great series to listen to. So find yourself a comfy chair, load these onto your Mp3 device and let your imagination bring you back to Hoth in these stories.

Star Wars: A Valentines Story - This stand alone comic tells a love tale about Han and Leia on Hoth. I believe it came out in 2003 and was released to coincide with Valentines Day. I really like the cover art Paul Chadwick did for this issue. It shows Han and Leia in the cockpit enwrapped in a blanket waiting to be rescued. It is a quick read, good story and the art is great. Han is still in his "scoundrel" part of life and Leia is drawn beautifully. It sort of reminds us how stunning Carrie Fisher was back in ESB and ROTJ.

Star Wars Clone Wars Microseries - If you have these DVD's, go back and check out the episodes with Yoda, Padme and C-3PO. While they are not on Hoth, it is fun seeing another snow environment with some of our favorite characters. If you have the time, check out both volumes of the Microseries! I really enjoyed this series. The animation is colorful, bold and just plain fun to watch.

Write to us what some of your favorite winter-time EU that you are reading, watching or enjoying!

Have a great snow day and be careful out there...remember, in weather like this your taun-taun will freeze before you reach the first marker! :)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TJW Podcast - Episode 1

Our first podcast recorded back in August 2010 is now available to download. We are going to try and get more episodes up as soon as we can. And while our previous posts mentioned that we were going to be talking about the character of Mara Jade and the novel Allegience by Timothy Zahn, we decided to put this on hold until later this year as the 20th anniversary of the Zahn trilogy approaches.

There are three ways you can listen to our podcast:

1) Click the title of this blog entry.

2) iTunes - This is probably the easiest way to get the podcast and you can download it to your iPod/iTouch/iPhone. Open iTunes on your computer. Select the Advanced tab and then the "Subscribe to Podcast" option. Enter this into the Subscribe to Podcast popup box:

The first episode should automatically begin to download.

3) You can listen to the show on your computer through the Google Reader. Go to Select the "Add a subscription" and enter the "Traveling the Jundland Wastes Podcast" url in the field:

New podcasts as well as blog posts can be accessed from this location as well.

Let us know what you think about our first podcast! There is so much going on in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and 2011 looks like it is going to be a great year for the fans. Send your emails to:

We look forward to exploring the Star Wars Expanded Universe with you here in the Jundland Wastes.

All the best,
Mark and Dan