Friday, March 30, 2012

TJW Podcast Archives - Episode 5

We're back in the studio chatting about Star Wars and the Expanded Universe! We have headlines, an update on what we are reading these days, a discussion of lightsaber duels, a quick review of a Ryder Windham title and another one of Dan's Star Wars revelations! Stay tuned for show notes and our next episode!

TJW Podcast Archives - Episode 4

We're once again traveling the Jundland Wastes! It has been a while since we did our last podcast. But we're back in the studio and getting back into the groove. This week we chat about the latest in Star Wars comics including Knight Errant and Darth Vader and the Lost Command. We touch upon some ideas concerning the original trilogy and the Star Wars EU. And we both discuss some not-so-recent EU titles that have caught our interest.

TJW Podcast Archives - Episode 3

Mark and Dan are back in the studio and chatting about some new and not so new Expanded Universe titles that they have read over this long and cold winter. So get a hot cup of coffee, fire up the converters and get ready for some Star Wars EU chat!

TJW Podcast Archives - Episode 2

Mark and Dan chat about some Star Wars EU game titles including The Force Unleashed 2 and the upcoming RPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Plus other ideas and insights into the Expanded Universe.

TJW Podcast Archives - Episode 1

Our first podcast recorded back in August 2010 is now available to download. We are going to try and get more episodes up as soon as we can. And while our previous posts mentioned that we were going to be talking about the character of Mara Jade and the novel Allegience by Timothy Zahn, we decided to put this on hold until later this year as the 20th anniversary of the Zahn trilogy approaches.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TJW Podcast - An Evening With Ryder Windham

Hello Travelers of the Jundland Wastes! Here for your listening pleasure is our interview with Star Wars author Ryder Windham!

Stay tuned for pictures of the TJW Podcast staff and our guests from our first live event!

If you were at the event last night let us know what you thought of it! Add a comment below are send us an email.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello Travelers of the Jundland Wastes! Tonight is the night! Our live podcast event with Star Wars author Ryder Windham and joining us will be members of the 501st Legion New England Garrison!

The podcast interview will start at 6:15PM and be about 35 - 45 minutes. Ryder will then sign autographs for our fans! And you will be able to meet members of the greatest Star Wars costuming group of all time, the 501st Legion!

Here's the info you need to know!

March 27, 2012
6:15PM - 7:45PM
Sharon Public Library
11 Main Street in Sharon, Massachusetts

Please keep in mind that books WILL NOT be sold at this event.

See you there!

Co-host of the TJW Podcast

Friday, March 16, 2012

Have You Ever Heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

...Yes I have!

Hello Travelers of the Jundland Wastes! I just finished listening to the Darth Plagueis audiobook by James Luceno (read by Daniel Davis). What an amazing novel! It is a must read for any Star Wars fan and, im my opinion, one of the top five Star Wars novels of all time.

We first learned about this Sith Lord back in Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. While watching a Mon Calamari water opera, Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious has a private conversation with Anakin Skywalker in which he gives a brief overview of this Dark Lord of the Sith who had the ability to control midi-chlorians to the point that he could create life and keep those he cared about from dying. And in an ironic twist of fate, he is killed by his apprentice in his sleep. I remember being in the theater listening to Palpatine and wondering if there was ever going to be an official history about this Sith Lord in the Expanded Universe.

There were rumors a couple years ago about this novel but we were told that Del Ray had decided to put this project on the backburner. And as it is for most releases at Lucasfilm, timing is
everything. With the re-release of Episode 1 The Phantom Menace in 3D, the timing could not have been better to release Darth Plagueis.

A Star Wars Expanded Universe novel works best for me when the author takes the times to consider previous storylines that have touched on the subject as well as how it can affect the way in which it impacts the six movies as a whole. Darth Plagueis is a novel which accomplishes all of this and more! James Luceno, who authored other Star Wars titles including Cloak of Deception and Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, did a tremendous amount of research for Darth Plagueis. He weaves together other established storylines and characters from other novels while at the same time providing the reader with a rich and chilling account of the rise and fall of the Sith Lord that opened the door to the entire Sklywalker storyline throughout all six movies.

The story at times can seem a bit heavy on the reader when it discusses the political climate in the Republic, the players and the ramifications of actions that Darth Plagueis sets into motion. After listening to the entire novel, I can see why such detail was placed on describing these scenes. But even if you are not so interested in the politics, there is plenty of good old fashioned dark side Sith action and dialogue. There are some pretty jaw-dropping chapters and brutal events which do justice to the nature of these Sith Lords. And it can be argued that Plagueis and Sidious were possibly the most brutal of Sith Lords we have learned about in the Expanded Universe.

The story picks up a lot after the first 100 pages. More information comes to light which gives us a new perspective watching Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. In fact, I think the events in Darth Plageuis will also give a new perspective on how we watch any of the movies. I am really looking forward to taking a couple hours to watch my bluray version of Episode 1 and seeing how these events from Darth Plageuis change the way I view this movie.

So many characters appear in this novel that give us a better understanding of why they have made certain choices in the movies. Plus we get to see the origin of one of the most popular Sith Lords of all time, Darth Maul. With the reappearance of Darth Maul in The Clone Wars animated series and the recent release of The Wrath of Darth Maul by Ryder Windham, the storyline we see in James Luceno's novel gives a deeper look into this mysterious, double-bladed wielding Zabrak. Now that's some real bonus material in a novel!

Be sure to come to my interview with Ryder Windham on March 27 from 6:15PM - 7:45PM at the Sharon Public Library as I ask him how his novel ties into Darth Plegueis.

And possibly the best part of the novel is the detailed description of how Darth Plagueis meets his fate at the hands of Darth Sidious. Do yourself a favor and listen to that scene on the audiobook! Daniel Davis is a great voice talent and gives such a powerful performance throughout the novel. But this scene will knock your socks off!

I highly recommend reading or listening to this Star Wars title! It is a must for any Star Wars Expanded Universe fan and should be required reading for any Star Wars fan! I am hopeful that the success of this novel will prompt Del Ray publishers to seek out more powerful storylines in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

See you all on March 27!
All the best,

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Revan - TJW Book Review

Ever since I began playing the Knights of the Old Republic on my original Xbox, I became fascinated with the characters that were introduced into this time period of the Old Republic. And anyone who knows me, has listened to the podcast or read my posts on the blog, know that I am intrigued with the characters of Jedi Knight Bastila Shan and former Sith Lord Darth Revan.

Much like the Han and Leia in the Original Trilogy, Darth Revan and Bastila Shan are that couple that play off each other so well in their dialogue. Just when you think these two characters are going clock the other with a gaffe stick, you find these special moments in the game (if you are basically playing the light side path) that remind you of those moments that Han and Leia had with each other throughout the three original movies.

In the novel Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, we see a little less banter between Bastila and Revan but a lot more emotion and seriousness in their dialogue. Without giving away the plot and circumstances of these two characters in the novel, I will say that there is a feeling uncertainty between Bastila and Revan.

We know that the canonical story of the original Knights of the Old Republic video game shows the redemption of Revan and his ability to redeem Bastila after she temporarily goes the dark side. The second installment of the Knights of the Old Republic known as The Sith Lords, includes cameo appearances of Bastila, Malak and Carth Onasi. And even though Revan is mentioned throughout the game, he never makes an appearance. At this time, we are uncertain of what happened to Revan and Bastila following the events of the first game. There is a lot of speculation as to his fate. Mystery shrouds the main character of this second game and we are uncertain what connection this character has with the Revan and Bastila story line.

While we have all been given the opportunity to do our own bit discovery in the new Star Wars The Old Republic video game, for those that want a clearer understanding of how the loose ends are tied up from the first two video games, I highly recommend reading the Revan novel. It is one of best expanded universe novels I have read!

Drew Karpyshyn knows how to write Star Wars and is, in my opinion, the best expert of the Old Republic era. He has proven it not only through his scripts for the Knights of the Old Republic video games but also with his Darth Bane trilogy of novels. And Revan is the best example of bringing this era of the Star Wars Expanded Universe to life. The novel is enhanced even more with a new Sith Lord named Scourge as well as meeting some old buddies we know from the video games such as Canderous Ordo.

This book is a page turner all the way. The descriptions of battles, environments and interactions between the characters are solid! It is a great book and one that needs to be on bookshelves of Star Wars Expanded Universe fans!

Let me know what you think of the novel! Or let us know your favorite characters from the Old Republic era! Email us at:

See ya on the Jundland Wastes!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

TJW Podcast Event Flyer!

We look forward to seeing you at our podcast event!

See ya soon Jundland Wastes travelers!