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TJW Podcast - April 2015

Hello TJW Podcast Listeners! We have thawed out from one of the roughest winters in the New England and are back with a jam-packed episode of The Traveling the Jundland Wastes Podcast! We are chatting about the news out of Star Wars Celebration, the 2nd teaser for Ep 7, Star Wars Rebels, new Expanded Universe material and a whole lot more! 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Stop the Negativity! Enjoy Star Wars!

It has been a lot of fun watching events from Star Wars Celebration via You Tube and  And I do not think anyone can deny that the opening ceremony for Star Wars Celebration was anything less then amazing. We heard from JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy about their thoughts on Episode 7 and the Star Wars community in general. We got to see three of the new Star Wars actors that are carrying the torch for us through the next three films. BB-8 made his first public appearance and it was incredible to see a new astromech playing alongside R2-D2. The “legacy” actors also were brought on stage and they all looked amazing! It’s such a shame Harrison Ford was unable to make it to the event but we wish him a speedy recovery from his injuries. And then to top it all off we got to see the second teaser for Episode 7!

Needless to say we were all blown away by this “old school” teaser that was voiced by Mark Hamill, showed us the familiar image of Darth Vaders mask, the wreckage of an Imperial Star Destroyer and of course the most grandest image of Chewbacca and Han Solo back on the Millennium Falcon! It was a glorious day for all Star Wars fans at Star Wars Celebration and around the world who watched the event online.

This really was a time of celebration for those of us who enjoy and admire the saga and story from a galaxy far, far away. But in addition to the thousands upon thousands of Facebook posts and tweets celebrating this second teaser (and getting us all ready for the extended trailer we expect to see at The Avengers: Age of Ultron in May), there was way too much negativity being thrown back in the face of George Lucas for the prequels and his special edition versions of the original trilogy.  

Obviously, everyone is entitled to have an opinion.  This is a franchise that we enjoy and it has a special place in our hearts. And at times that love can be tested with those parts of the saga that some find unenjoyable.  With that said, I feel that I need to reiterate my personal take on all of this.

I really think it is about time to stop all of this negativity aimed at the prequels and the special editions. I really think it is time stop all of this negativity aimed at George Lucas. For me, it is all part of a franchise that can be enjoyed in whatever way you want it. If you find the prequels unwatchable, then never watch episodes 1 through 3. If you think the special editions cannot be viewed because Han doesn't shoot first in these editions, then stick with the original VHS copies or DVD’s that came out with the un-special editions. It has never made any sense to me how certain Star Wars fans completely lose their cool when even a hint of any Star Wars done after 1983 is mentioned. And even more so how anyone can level such harsh feeling towards George Lucas. I have even had a listener of my podcast step over the line of spirited debate with some very inappropriate remarks after comments I made about the prequels.

I am a Star Wars fan. I have enjoyed all six movies. I have enjoyed the Clone Wars and Rebels television series. I even enjoy the Star Wars Holiday Special! I enjoy that we have a plethora of Star Wars comics, books and video games. Are there aspects that I find less enjoyable than others in the saga? Of course! But none of it takes away from my admiration of the complete saga or the gratitude I have for the genius of George Lucas in giving us one of the greatest sagas of all time. 
There is a new generation of Star Wars and George Lucas handed over the reigns to people he entrusts to carry on the task of bringing us these amazing stories. I for one am going to enjoy this time. There are new stories to be told, new heroes to cheer on and new villains to challenge our senses. In my humble opinion, none of this could have happened unless we realize that the Star Wars saga was an evolving entity from original trilogy, to special editions, to prequels and right through the television series, books, comics and video games.

I am thrilled with what will happen in the coming years for Star Wars. And in the meantime I am going to enjoy the wholeness of the saga and the magical journey it takes me on every time I watch these movies....all six movies and the upcoming Episode 7 in December!

Stay tuned for another podcast episode!

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