Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TJW Podcast - Lucasarts and Star Wars Video Gaming

Hello TJW Podcast Listeners! When Lucasarts shut down a couple months ago, many of us in the Star Wars community were wondering about the future of Star Wars gaming. We thought Star Wars 1313 was in full production and going to be heading to the shelves sometime at the end of the year. Fans of The Force Unleashed series were holding their breath wondering if the Starkiller story line was going to have a conclusion. And we all heard rumors of another edition to the Battlefront series in the works but nothing official.  

Well, in addition to Episode 7 and the Star Wars rebels animated series, we have confirmation that a new Star Wars Battlefront game is on the way. Check out the trailer! It is a first person shooter perspective animated shot of what appears to be a snowtrooper rushing through the snowy terrain on Hoth with sounds of laser fire and classic battle sounds from the Star Wars universe! And with the announcement of the new next-gen gaming systems such as the PS4 and Xbox One, I have no doubt that this game will take our Battlefront gaming experience to the next level. 

A couple months ago after Lucasarts shut down, Dan and I recorded a retrospective look at some of our favorite Lucasarts games. This "lost" episode is trip down memory lane for any active gamer and will give anyone who is so into gaming an opportunity to get a small "audio" taste of our favorite Star Wars games that came out of Lucasarts.

Enjoy this episode of the podcast! And stay tuned for another great episode!

All the best,

Co-host of the TJW Podcast