Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Force is Strong With the TJW Podcast

Greetings fellow travelers of the Jundland Wastes! I know it has been a while since we had a posting or podcast. And I appreciate the feedback and requests for more podcasts and posts! I am hopeful that we are going to be able to have a more consistent podcast schedule staring this summer and through autumn. And I am planning on more consistent posts as well. It is great to know that we have so many fans of the podcast around the globe. So keep checking back and we hope to have episode 5 of the podcast up soon for your listening pleasure!

In the meantime, let me fill you in on some of the topics we are looking to discuss:
* Lightsaber duels in the Star Wars Expanded Universe - What are our favorites
* Grand Moff Tarkin - More insight from the recent Dark Horse comic series "Darth Vader and the Lost Command", the novel "Death Star" and The Clone Wars animated series
* The Old Republic - Comics, books and the video game
* Knights of the Old Republic - How will the stories of Revan, Maalak and Bastila tie in?
* Fate of the Jedi - I sense a tremor in the Luke a goner?
* Star Wars Celebration 6 - How can you not talk about this? :)

In addition, I think we have gotten to a point in our podcast that we will have special segments on the show. Some of them will be:
* Dan's Revelations on the Star Wars Universe
* The Ryder Windham Spotlight - A closer look at a novel penned by one of the nicest authors in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
* EU Pick of the Week

And what would a podcast be without some fun paraphernalia to show your support and fandom! I am hoping to have some bracelets colored like the Tatooine sands with our podcast name and logo made up. Stay tuned for more updates!

Let us know if there is anything you want us to discuss! And stay tuned for news regarding a live broadcast of the TJW Podcast! We'd love to see you there!

We are traveling the Jundland Wastes! And it's great to have you on the journey!

All the best,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Star Wars C6! Here We Come! (We Hope :)

We have confirmation that Star Wars Celebration 6 is going to happen August 23 - 26, 2012 (next summer) back at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL! This is sure to be the greatest celebration ever! With all that is happening in the Star Wars EU, I am certain that this celebration will not disappoint fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe!

Stay tuned! Episode 5 of the podcast is on the way! Dan and I will be touching on some new topics and we will be giving our first thoughts on this announcement!

Tell us what you, as a Star Wars EU fan, are looking forward to seeing at C6!

All the best,
Mark and Dan

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