Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Co-host Dan Will Get a Firsthand Look at The Old Republic MMO!

As most Star Wars Expanded Universe fans know, the release of Biowares MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game Star Wars: The Old Republic this coming December is probably going to be one of the biggest events to happen in the Star Wars EU this year.

Jundland Wastes traveler and co-host Dan is by far one of the best resources when it comes to Star Wars gaming and gaming in general. He has played both Knights of the Old Republic games for Xbox numerous times as well as other popular titles such as The Force Unleashed, The Force Unleashed 2 and the Battlefront series. And while he enjoys being able to lose himself in a great Star Wars novel or comic book, his real passion is for the Star Wars video games and the complex characters and plotlines that make up these extraordinary avenues into the Expanded Universe.

The holidays came a little early for TJW Podcast co-host Dan last night. He has been chosen to play and test out some of the game this coming weekend! The Old Republic website (which is a plethora of information and videos of this game) asked fans who were interested in testing the game prior to the December release to register at the website. I spoke with Dan last night and this morning as he was downloading the test game to his PC. Needless to say, he is thrilled to have this opportunity to take a look at this game prior to the release.

And as your co-hosts of the TJW Podcast we are committed to reporting on his first hand impressions of the game. Stay tuned for our special news breaking podcast!

And with the upcoming release of the novel Revan, I think we are looking at some exciting Star Wars EU in the not so distant future!

Keep traveling with us on the Jundland Wastes and let us hear from you!

All the best,

Co-host TJW Podcast