Thursday, December 13, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Star Wars Comic Launch Party and Podcast!

Hey there Jundland Wastes Travelers! It's official! The TJW Podcast is back on the road. We will be podcasting at the New England Comics store (732 Washington Street in Norwood, Massachusetts) on January 9, 2013 6:00PM - 7:45PM. We will be celebrating the launch of the new original trilogy era comic called Star Wars. In addition we will discuss how this new comic might have an impact on the new Star Wars Episode 7 movie. Plus, get some great deals on Star Wars comics and merchandise at the store! Check out the flyer and come by for a fun evening of Star Wars podcasting and partying.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Fun and Han Solo Adventures

Hi there travelers of the Jundland Wastes! Happy holidays to everyone! The holiday season is a great time for Star Wars Expanded Universe fans. So much new offerings in books and comics. We have the Star Wars 1313 video game in the works. And who doesn't like to add to their Star Wars action figure collection?

This past week I was able to find time to switch out my new Vintage Collection figures for ones that I did not even off the card yet. I had a nice bunch going back to the Phantom Menace wave that I wanted to display. And while we know that any new Vintage figures are on hold, we do have news that some "greatest hits" will be coming back this year.

This will give some of us an opportunity to get some of those figures that have been drastically overpriced for past few months.  But what I am really looking forward to this spring is the Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony and the Mara Jade Skywalker figures. The pics I have seen of these figures are great. Luke will go great with the latest Vintage Collection version of the Han Solo Yavin Ceremony figure. And I am hoping my Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Construction figure will be standing next to Mara Jade. Probably the best version of Mara Jade in plastic.

But I have also been trying to catch up on some classic Star Wars tales as well. Specifically. tales of Han Solo and Chewbacca. I think the announcement of the Star Wars Episode 7 has prompted a lot of Star Wars Expanded Universe fans to revisit (or even pick up for the first time) some tales of our beloved Star Wars trio.  

I was lucky to pick up finally hardcover versions of all three Han Solo novels by the late Brian Daley. There is just something so special to have in my hands a hardcover novel that is under 200 pages and spinning tales of Han, Chewie and the Falcon. I was a big fan of the NPR radio dramas by Daley and his novels just do a tremendous job of showing us Scoundrel Solo blasting through the galaxy, smuggling stuff and hanging out with such colorful characters. And in my opinion, the art on the covers of all three books are really unique to the time period of the late 70's. I wish I had posters of these covers.

And as my children are beginning to grow an affection for the Star Wars franchise, I have started reading to them Ryder Windham's Adventures in Hyperspace from Scholastic. These novels may be targeted to children but adults will enjoy them as well. Short enough chapters to read to the kids at bedtime and yet full of action and enjoyment. These stories take place before Episode 4 and also show Han and Chewie at their best. Plus we get appearances from Jabba the Hutt, Bib Fortuna and Gamorrean Guards. The pictures in the book are great as well!

And I recently also acquired the Science Fiction Book Club version of the Han Solo Trilogy by A.C Crispin.  She was kind of enough to send me a personalized autographed bookplate. This volume collects the three novels that she penned in the late 90's. We get backstory on Han's childhood and how he became that smuggler who meets Luke and Obi Wan in the Tatooine Cantina. I have not read these novels before so I am looking forward to seeing how her writing differs from Brian Daley.

Lastly, I have started reading Tatooine Ghost which weaves a tale of Han and Leia on their "honeymoon" trip to Tatooine (some go to Aruba others go to Tatooine) :)  Some may think this novel does not fit into the genre of books I have just mentioned. But I would have to say that part of Han Solo's charm is his relationship with Leia. Some may disagree with me, but I really enjoy how the Expanded Universe developed the love and marriage of Han and Leia. They are the royal couple of the Star Wars universe. And it's fun to see how they were in that time period following their marriage. Plus, we get to revisit Tatooine in this novel and get encounters with Force ghosts of characters we have seen and read about in prior movies and novels.

So what are you reading over the holidays? Tell us what you like about the Expanded Universe! We'd love to hear from you.

And stay tuned for news about our next live podcast event!

Happy holidays!

All the best,

Co-host TJW Podcast